Grow Your Social Media Following Using Sticker.Social Decals


You want to be an influencer or grow your customer base on social media.  We're here to help.  We're a resource to help grow your brand.  Sticker.Social Decals expand your message and your reach! 

Don't Bury the Lead!

Apply your decals to a surface that is high visibility to increase the probability of being noticed.  Most of our customers put their Sticker.Social Decals on their car or truck windows, motorcycles, or helmets.  This makes a lot of sense - it basically turns your vehicle into a mobile billboard. If you will be applying your decals to a car, boat, motorcycle, jetski, or helmet we recommend buying 2 decals - one for each side to ensure your message will not be missed.  This increases visibility.

What's In A Name?

VW Rabbit

Just like website names you ideally want a social media username that is easy to remember and that helps build an association with your personal or business brand.  If you sell kicks then have sneaker terminology in your username.  If you're a barber then use a name that makes that obvious.  If you run an Instagram page that's all about Mustangs then have a name that references Mustangs.  While punctuation and underscores are sometimes necessary in a username try to minimize them as much as possible - they are hard to remember because they don't tell your audience anything about you.  IF you have to add lots of punctuation it probably means there are a lot of accounts with a similar name that could cause confusion when people are trying to find you.  Make yourself easy to find and follow!

Size Matters...

Visibility is critical which is why we offer several different decal sizes.  You need to be conscious of the overall height of your decal - a taller decal will be more visible.  For most of our customers we would recommend at least a 12" decal because it allows for longer usernames while still maintaining good visibility.  If your account/username has 20+ characters, we recommend the 12” or 20" size - otherwise the overall letter height will be 1" or less and your decal will only be readable from approximately 10 feet away!

Letter Height Ideal Reading Distance
1 Inch 10 Feet
2 Inch 20 Feet
3 Inch 30 Feet
4 Inch 40 Feet
5 Inch 50 Feet
6 Inch 60 Feet 

Our 12" decals are more than 2X the size of our 8" decals.  Our 20" decals are more than 6X the size of our 8" decals.  This means your username is more visible.

Buddy the Elf, What's Your Favorite Color?

GTR High Contrast Decal

Know how you are going to use your decals or where you are going to install them before you buy.  This will help you select a color that contrasts well with the installation surface to ensure the decal doesn't blend in and not be seen.  If you are installing the decal on a dark surface we recommend selecting a lighter color for your decal.  If you are installing on a lighter colored surface we recommend a darker colored decal.

But Wait! There's More!

There are many other ways to expand your message using Sticker.Social Decals.  They can be used on storefronts to increase awareness of the different platforms you're on and make it easier for customers to stay engaged with your business.  They can be used as giveaways for fans or customers to help spread the word (talk to us about volume discounts).